AEDI Creates New COVID-19 Initiative to Track Virus’s Social and Economic Impact on Arkansas

The Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) has launched an interactive COVID-19 data dashboard that tracks the social and economic impact of COVID-19 on Arkansas. The dashboard provides a variety of socioeconomic data, such as employment and mental health, for the state, its communities, and surrounding states. 

“We are excited and proud to offer this unique resource to Arkansas communities struggling to cope with this unparalleled crisis,” said AEDI Director Jim Youngquist.

This dashboard is part of a larger two-year project, known as the Arkansas Recovery & Resiliency Initiative. As the project progresses, AEDI will work with communities throughout the state of Arkansas to develop new data that is unique and relevant to them during this pandemic. 

“Reliable data is the key to making good decisions, and this new information will be drawn from the lived reality of thousands of Arkansans,” Youngquist noted. “We invite all Arkansans to check out the COVID Recovery Website and Dashboard at

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To explore the Arkansas Recovery & Resiliency Initiative website, including the interactive Dashboard, click here.