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We leverage the power of our in-house economic research team, our national community development network, and our years of experience to provide real and workable results. We are known for our thorough, data-driven solutions that are built with our partners in the community.

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ArkLaMec Resiliency Project

The ArkLaMec region (five counties in Southeast Arkansas and five parishes in Northeast Louisiana) received three Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Declarations for severe storms and flooding from late 2015 through early 2016. The severe weather brought about a break in the economic supply chain in some portions of the region exceeding 45 days. Our effort was not only to historically document the events, but to also develop individual community and regional strategies to aid in community recovery; resulting in raising the level of readiness for the communities and region to respond to the next disaster.

Jasper Featured Community

Jasper Strategic Community Plan

Jasper is a quaint town settled in the heart of the Ozarks.  Creating a conclusive blueprint for addressing its land use issues; and recommendations to improve economic viability and good quality of life for its residents was imperative to inject new energy into this quaint and beautiful community.

Thrive Hempstead County

Nearly one hundred civic-minded citizens from the county gathered once a month over a six-month period to develop goals to revitalize their community. Armed with the slogan “Thrive Hempstead,” committees proposed over 20 recommendations to address systemic challenges facing the county. These recommendations were designed to create sustainable economic growth, stronger tourism offerings, a higher and more attractive quality of life standard, and a better education system.

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