State sees its jobless rate slide

Unemployment in Arkansas dipped again in August, from 4.3% in July to 4.2% in August. The state’s labor force, which has been decreasing and creating hiring challenges for employers, rose in August by 1,651, a result of 3,412 more employed and 1,761 fewer unemployed Arkansans. The labor force increase was the first improvement since April. […]

40-year mortgages becoming popular in booming housing market

Financial experts warn against the growing popularity of 40-year mortgages. Though this option reduces monthly payments, more interest is accrued over the life of the loan. Potential homebuyers may want to consider whether a 40-year mortgage is really in their best interest, or if they would rather use their money in other ways. Financial experts […]

Between higher airfare and gas, Arkansas could be in for a more expensive summer

According to Dr. Michael Pakko, prices are up over 4% from a year ago.   Between supply chain lags and people ready to spend more money, prices are up for almost everything.  Read the original story on the THV 11 website here.

No need to panic-buy gas in Arkansas during pipeline hack, experts say

An economist told us that you shouldn’t panic-buy gasoline as the Colonial Pipeline remains closed after a hack. Many Arkansans are buying large quantities of gas to stock up on what they believe is a potential gas shortage. The Colonial Pipeline was down, causing many states on the east coast to experience a gas shortage. […]

‘It’s going to hurt us’: Arkansans react to losing supplemental unemployment payments

Arkansas has joined the growing list of states who have opted out of the federal supplemental unemployment assistance. The supplemental federal assistance of $300 now ends for Arkansas on June 26. Arkansas State Governor Hutchinson made the decision because Arkansas has a shortage of workers and he hopes lowering unemployment benefits will encourage people to […]

County, city expect more than $30M in relief funds

Garland County and the City of Hot Springs are expecting more than $30 million over the next year from the March Federal COVID Relief Package. Monday night, the Garland County Quorum Court will consider an ordinance to establish The American Rescue Plan Fund. Garland County is expecting $19.3 million. Hot Springs is expecting $10.8 million, […]

Recreational Projects Underway in NWA

Multiple new recreation projects have been announced in Northwest Arkansas. These include an expansion to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a kayak park in Siloam Springs, and a Railyard Park in Rogers. Several of these projects are funded by donations from the Walton Family Foundation. The Northwest Arkansas region has been one of […]

Arkansas population expected to decline as birth rate falls, hits record low in U.S.

In 2020, the U.S. birth rate hit a record low with 3.6 million babies born. This is the lowest number since 1979. Arkansas’ birth rate sits about five points higher than the national average, but is experiencing the same downward trend as the nation. From 2017-2019, Arkansas’ average Total Fertility Rate to be 1.87. This rate is below the […]

State’s jobless rate dips to 4.4% as economy rides out pandemic

Arkansas’ joblessness rate dropped to 4.4% in March, moving the state closer to pre-pandemic levels. The national unemployment rate has also been decreasing and dropped to 6% in March. However, Arkansas’ labor force has declined by more than 16,000 workers since the beginning of 2021. This raises concerns for policymakers and job recruiters because open […]

Jobless level in state edges down to 4.5%

Arkansas’ jobless rate improved in February, dropping to 4.5%, closer to the state’s pre-pandemic levels. The U.S. unemployment rate also fell to 6.2%. Arkansas’ labor force also dropped, by 12,775, raising concerns for the state’s economic development officials for filling open jobs. Michael Pakko, chief economist with the Arkansas Economic Development Institute, said Friday’s report […]